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This is a small sampling of the hundreds of testimonials that we have received from our graduates. For more testimonials, and to follow Equissage, please visit our Facebook page.
A Soldier's Dog Gets A Massage
Dear Mary,

I have had my certificate for 2 days and already had a once in a lifetime experience! I sent my press release to a paper yesterday (the only one I had time to send) and within 10 minutes I received a call. This was not just any call! The paper had just run a story about a dog named Chuck who was rescued by the 101st Airborne Division in Kabul, Afghanistan. The platoon had Chuck in the heart of the combat zone with them for several months. They were told they could not keep him any longer. An international rescue league helped to coordinate the transport of Chuck to the United States and he ended up coming to the home of one of the soldier's mother in Smithfield. Chuck is having some adjustment problems (fears hallways, doorways, etc.). The reporter asked me if I thought I could help Chuck. What an opportunity! At 9:30 this morning Chuck was carried into my office (he was too scared to walk in). By 11:00 he was sleeping on a ball that he had picked out of my "goodie box". IT WAS AMAZING!!!! His owner said he slept calmly the whole ride home (he cried and yelped the whole ride over due to his fear of the car). He will be neutered on Monday and the following week he will be a "regular" at Pawsitive Paths coming 2 to 3 times a week. I can not express the elation I feel at the moment.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I will send you a copy of the story when it comes out next week.

Talk to you soon!



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Thank You!
Hi Mary!

I made it to Baltimore safely, and am so grateful to have spent the past week with you, the major, Elizabeth, LG, Karrie, Kate, and all the horses and dogs. One of those life-changing experiences, ya know?Here's an essay I wrote about horses and dance. Thought you might like to read it. I'll definitely be keeping in touch with you. I'm so excited about being an ESMT. It gives me such a sense of freedom and security knowing that I can support myself by helping animals in this way. I am so much more ready to leave college and be a "real person" now!

Thanks again, S.O. MD

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Thoughts On Our 18th Year
As we approach our eighteenth year of teaching, so many thoughts come to mind. Little did I think that day in New Hope, Pa. that massaging horses and establishing a certificate program would have such a profound effect on my life and on those who have attended the class.

The words of gratitude that have been expressed, not only on befalf of horses, dogs and their owners, but from students themselves. When someone calls or writes ten or more years later or even a few days later, saying the experience was life changing, I feel blessed beyond belief.

I knew this would be a mission of sorts but had no idea of the magnitude of what has been accomplished by so many. We began the program in a recession and made it work. Dee and I never questioned the possibilities. Our daughters have become part of the business. Selena and I taught (had lots of fun) and now Amy is our webmaster and Karen is heading up special promotional projects including the newsletter.

When our son, Eric died in a Marine Corps training accident, we still had to keep going so maybe that recession (poverty) was a constant reminder of perserverance under the most difficult of circumstances.

Please stay strong and win the race even if it is "by a nose". Hold fast to your dreams, keep in touch, and for those of you who are considering animal massage as a career, just do it:)


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Changed a Horse's Life
Hi Mary, I just had to write you to tell you about my friends horse that I actually trained on as well as my own. He is a 19 year old quarter horse that sadly is riddled with arthritis. He couldn't put his head down to eat and just kind of shuffled along. She called a chiropractor and they said to get a massage therapist out to him. I was doing the home study course and she said I could work on him while I was learning. We saw such a major difference in him so quickly, he could move and put his head up and down. It was so wonderful to see so much improvement in a short time of massaging him. He now lopes, bucks, kicks and sees what kind of mischief he can get into. I have been doing him for almost a year now and we have seen another difference in him, his mane and forelock are growing which they never have. She has owned him since he was 4 years old and they just have never grown, what an unexpected affect. I also wanted to tell you that I have Fibromyalgia and it is incredible the energy the horses give to me. Horses are such giving beings and you just have to be open to receiving. Thank you for all you have taught me, I know that what I learned from you has changed my friends horses life.


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Police Dog-Wow!
Thought I would let you know what happened at the meeting with the canine unit on Thursday. I had referred the Lt. to the website. He was most impressed and very on board. It was quite an amazing experience. WHen I got there there was a 29yr veteran of the force in the office speaking with him. The Lt. said it was a perfect time to tell him why I was there. He was very skeptical and kept reiterating that these are not pets and that they can be very unpredicatable. Also that he was "old school" and thought there would be alot of resistance with the other handlers to massage. However, he managed to stay for the whole time I was there. Other people from other canine departments happened to come in and the Lt. was telling them why I was there. He called an officer to bring a dog in for the demo. I was warned that the dog was very unruly and the majority consent was that this wouldn't work. The dog was indeed very unruly. Turns out he has a "thing" for the 29 yr veteran and every time he would take a couple of steps towards the office the dog tried to go after him. "You see, this is what I'm talking about." I told him that I totally understood what he was talking about, but went about my business anway. In less than 5 minutes, the dog was lying down on the floor completely relaxed. No one could believe it, especially his handler. The 29 yr vet would move toward the door to try and see and the dog would jump up trying to get him. As soon as he backed off and I started working on him again he laid right back down. Personally I wasn't at all surprised, but was amazed that the dog could still relax with spectators. Before I left the Lt. said that he would put words in the right ears. It might be awhile, but he would get back to me and gave me his business card. WAY COOL !!! I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the support - this is very exciting!!! Blessings, V.L

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Colic Report
love to see or here about the benefits.. one horse I massaged won the division and section championships when he competed two days after a massage... :0) That was cool... Then I was able to use my colic poster... a horse I was grooming started sweating and his veins breaking out while I was grooming him... it was grass colic ( it had rained heavily, and our grass is so thick right now) he was bloated.... I immediately called the vet and started walking him.... the vet was to check back in 20 min ( as she was at another call) so I asked my boss to hold him and I was goin to check out my poster really quick then come work on him... she held him, as her daughter also witnessed it... it was incredible he was heavily breathing, and eyes looked half closed, head down, I only began rubbing his back whenon the 3rd pass back his entire gut and belly made a growling sound and almost "popped" the air.... I worked my way through the ribs and onto the belly, by then he was gassing and much more relaxed already "hanging" and eyes alert... my boss was so amazed... I wasnt even onto the second side yet.... did the other side, lots of licking and chewing and voila breathing normal, alert, and almost 100% better.... it was such a cool feeling..... my boss and her daughter were so impressed and the horse is doin great...

Thanks so much!


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Amazing Massage
Dear Mary, I am so happy with everything I have learned from you. Just when you think you have it, you came along and showed me another way! I have learned that I can gain a horse's trust through relaxation, touch and remaining calm. I once had a very sore horse to massage, and when he got uncomfortable I just murmered to him. I had both hands on him and he calmed down straight away. There was no panic. I never had a feeling he was going to act up, I just sensed he was uncomfortable. He knew I was helping and didn't object in the slightest. I think that had I panicked, it would have been a different story, but your training and the method employed gives me the mind set. I go in calm and focused and I remain that way until I am finished. I cannot stress upon you how exhilarated I am by this! I don't know about you, but I feel the whole massage as a spiritual process. Difficult to describe, but it's almost as if I can feel everything, not just muscles, but emotions too. Does that make sense? Another thing I have noticed with sweating the kidneys...I also practice Shiatzu, and it is very much like seeking the Bladder Meridion. The effect is so much the same. The relaxation in the horse is astounding! I had one horse that I thought would collapse, his nose hit the floor and the breathe expelled was so forceful! It was really exciting, as I had hovered my hand over the kidney's, not actually touched him! So many different horses have touched me, not because they are fantastic looking or competition aces, but because they have welcomed me into their barns, some eager and some because they consider it their right to have my hands on them! lol Anytime you feel like coming over and seeing the work I am doing, please feel free. You are more than welcome to stay with us. I will say, where the heat is concerned, and with the work load, later in the year would be better. It is just too hot here at the moment! I would be honoured to show you my clients, and learn more from you should you come over. Sincerely, Sarah Bone.

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The Power of Massage
Thank you for your reply. I am very happy to hear that. I really miss working with my horse and now that she is pregnant I thought I might not be able to massage her. When I got this course I really didn't believe in the power of the massage for horses. I just thought it would be something I could do to bond with my horse. I was riding her one day and she tripped after trotting. I continue to have problems with her tripping and thought it was the way I was riding her. The farrier told me it was the rider. I gave her a full massage and she stopped tripping. Now I do believe in the power of massage. Thanks again and you will be hearing from me in the near future for my certification.

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First Massage!
Hi Mary, I just had to write you to tell you about my friends horse that I actually trained on as well as my own. He is a 19 year old quarter horse that sadly is riddled with arthritis. He couldn't put his head down to eat and just kind of shuffled along. She called a chiropractor and they said to get a massage therapist out to him. I was doing the home study course and she said I could work on him while I was learning. We saw such a major difference in him so quickly, he could move and put his head up and down. It was so wonderful to see so much improvement in a short time of massaging him. He now lopes, bucks, kicks and sees what kind of mischief he can get into. I have been doing him for almost a year now and we have seen another difference in him, his mane and forelock are growing which they never have. She has owned him since he was 4 years old and they just have never grown, what an unexpected affect. I also wanted to tell you that I have Fibromyalgia and it is incredible the energy the horses give to me. Horses are such giving beings and you just have to be open to receiving. Thank you for all you have taught me, I know that what I learned from you has changed my friends horses life.

Chris M.

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Police Dog
Hi Mary, Thought I would let you know what happened at the meeting with the canine unit on Thursday. I had referred the Lt. to the website. He was most impressed and very on board. It was quite an amazing experience. WHen I got there there was a 29yr veteran (Gary) of the force in the office speaking with him. The Lt. said it was a perfect time to tell him why I was there. He was very skeptical and kept reiterating that these are not pets and that they can be very unpredicatable. Also that he was "old school" and thought there would be alot of resistance with the other handlers to massage. However, he managed to stay for the whole time I was there. Other people from other canine departments happened to come in and the Lt. was telling them why I was there. He called an officer to bring a dog in for the demo. I was warned that the dog was very unruly and the majority consent was that this wouldn't work. The dog was indeed very unruly. Turns out he has a "thing" for Gary and every time he would take a couple of steps towards the office the dog tried to go after him. "You see, this is what I'm talking about." I told him that I totally understood what he was talking about, but went about my business anway. In less than 5 minutes, the dog was lying down on the floor completely relaxed. No one could believe it, especially his handler. Gary would move toward the door to try and see and the dog would jump up trying to get him. As soon as Gary backed off and I started working on him again he laid right back down. Personally I wasn't at all surprised, but was amazed that the dog could still relax with spectators. Before I left the Lt. said that he would put words in the right ears. It might be awhile, but he would get back to me and gave me his business card. WAY COOL !!! I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the support - this is very exciting!!! Blessings

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First Massage
Hi Mary,

Hope all is going well with you. I came home and massaged my Bassett I got from the puppy mill that very night and she is walking great and is acting 10 times better then she was.

T.A., OH

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Equine Home Study Program
I am very interested in studying Equine massage and have done many hours of research to find the best school. I have found several references to your program and would like more information on your Home Study Program. I have owned my own horse for 3 years and equine massage has helped him tremendously after he had a soft-tissue pastern injury. I grew up in Germany and we use "alternative therapy" far more frequently.


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Great Opportunity
Dear Mary, First of all I want to thank you for all that you taught me (I was in a November 2006 class). I happened to catch a break when one of the DJs on the radio station that I listen to was talking about her horse being injured. I decided to take a chance and email her about massages. She was very excited about it and I ended up massaging her horse one weekend. She was amazed while I was working on him. He had an injury to his suspensory ligament and was on stall rest for quite a while. He's not the most polite horse anyway, but being cooped up had made him worse. He actually stood still while I worked on him and she could see the relief in him. She emailed me back a few days later to thank me. She said it was amazing, he was in a coma for 2 days (Don't worry that was a good thing). Apparently he had calmed down and felt a lot better, more relaxed. That was the best email I've ever gotten. Thank you. Thanks, E.B., UT

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Canine Home Study Program
I really appreciate your advice and time to get back to me. I have several more dogs scheduled to practice on, and then I will get my video tape prepared and request my final exam. I'm looking forward to it!!!

I knew I would enjoy this, but I had no idea how much . Your well planned course and your accessibility is allowing me to learn and be productive in alternative and complementary health care for dogs... something I have always wanted to do.

Thanks again, J.B., OH

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Your Course
I would like to request some information for the Equine Sports Massage Therapy Cert. Program. I am very interested in becoming certified in this field and your program and facility seems to be of the higher standards of all of the other massage therapy cert. programs I have looked at. I am 24 and have been riding horses for about 12 years now and have owned my own horse in the past. I have seen and heard of a few cases where horses either had massage therapy done routinely for benefits or had it done because of problems that the horse and rider were having. I have seen the benefits of this awesome gift and I would like to be able to help benefit horse and rider myself. Sincerely, L.E., PA

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Post-Op Colic Scare
Dear Mary,

How are you? Just thought I would let you know about an experience I had yesterday. One of the horses on the yard had a colic op 8 weeks ago and I have been massaging him twice a week since then. Yesterday afternoon he cast again and showed further colic symptoms. The vet said he could reoperate or destroy him. He gave Lancelot some painkillers and muscle relaxants and then waited for the horse box. I asked whether I could do the colic sequence on him and it was agreed. Within 2 hrs he was marching round trying to bite everyone and desperate to be off. This morning he is fine. Obviously I am not claiming it was anything I did but it seems likely to me that it must have helped.

Mary I am so grateful for all you taught us.

H.W., TX

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Colic Relief Success
Dear Mary, I just had to write to tell you about a client of the equine veterinarian I work for. This 20 year old ex-ranch horse, who had been in abdominal distress (Colic) since early morning had a left side small intestine impaction, determined deadly without surgery being performed. The Vet administered medications, even performed chiropractic & acupuncture techniques, she was at a loss. I asked the owners if I could try some massage on him, they said "what the hell", anything at this point. I went to work and also incorporated my Reiki, healing energy (Sweating). After 2 sessions and an hour in between, the horse let out a big sigh and relief was his at that moment. I had tears in my eyes, what a wonderful feeling, the owners were very thankful and the Vet gave me all the credit. Sorry so long, wanted to share my experience with you and thank you for everything you've done for me. A.J., MD

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The Healing Power
Mary, I really feel that learning how to massage horses, especially my high strung thoroughbred, that we have bonded more because I touch him and connect with him. I could not have gotten that without training from you, even though I didn't pass. I can assure you I am more confident now and will be sending you a video before long. Third time is a charm. Let your students know the huge healing power horses have and how much they can learn from horses. Most of all patience is a great gift I have learned from working with some horses when I massage them. Thank you for helping me connect with my horse and to have a spiritual connection I have learned to use when massaging horses. You may not believe in a psychic connection but I certainly do after what my sister had told me and now from what Tracey got from True. Tell your students to be open to anything, they will be better people and better at massaging horses.


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Colic Relief!
I have been amazed and impressed with the "colic sequence." Each time I massage a horse, when I come to the back rub and back circles the gut begins to make enormous audible rumblings....very impressive. And I used the colic sequence the other day on one of our weanlings who was down and groaning with a tummy ache and I also used it the other day on one of my playing horses who had very faint gut sounds. Both showed amazingly quick improvement and were fine. It is something I wish I could show to everyone..... I plan to video one of my horses for you....she was my very first horse. She is 30 years old and blind. I want to video her as she is being massaged so that you might show to everyone the true amazing power that touch really does have. It is so dramatic how this old girl responds to each stroke. I think it might be a powerful image especially for the people who come to you who have had absolutely no prior horse experience. Thanks, Sincerely, A.A., CT

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Thank You!
Hi Mary, I was in your May 16th class.

I am totally LOVING massaging! The more I do, the more I learn!! I massaged my mare that I trail ride, and teach lessons on, 1st thing when I got home from VA. I could see a 100% change in her. She appeared to be in a coma like state when I was massaging her, I then took her on a trail ride. This mare would always start off with her head high, and wanting to trot the first 10 minutes or so when you first get on her, well after her massage, her nose was to the ground, and she WALKED nice, and big, and relaxed!! She stayed that way on whole ride, up, and down hills, dogs and our goat (yes, the goat goes on the trail rides also) running around her legs. It was so awesome. She gets her massages regularly, and is not so goosey anymore. She thanks you for teaching me how to make her feel better!!

My gelding also has gotten more relaxed, and I see his gates improve since his massages, but I think he also needs a BRAIN massage!! I am volunteering at a horse rescue called Last Chance Corral. It is so heart breaking to hear their stories, and to see what has been done to theses horses. I am amazed they let people near them. They have been the most appreciative of any horses I have massaged so far. Not only do they appreciate, but I ALWAYS get a massage back from them!!! I just wanted to keep in touch, and to thank you again for being such a great teacher!!!!


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Amazing News!
I just wanted to share some exciting news with you. I massage the USEF (United State Equestrian Federation) newly named Horse of the Year! (Well one of them!) When I got back to NH, after my exciting week of boot-camp Equissage style, my very first client was my daughters riding instructor. She is a wonderful woman with tons of knowledge and is really open to lots of alternative treatments and ideas (even though her husband is a Vet!) Anyway, I started massaging 4 horses for her horses my first week back from Equissage, in August and worked into a monthly maintenance schedule with them. We have an excellent working relationship - she can tell me if their work schedules have changed or if she's noticed anything - and I give her feed back on how they react to the massages - what muscles seem to be the most reactive, if they're symmetrical, etc. So it has been very beneficial to both her & I and the horses.

She just found out that 3 of the 4 horses I massage monthly have won top awards with the USEF! One horse, "Khemalowa," won the zone ward for Arabian class Horse of the Year in Dressage. "Eureka" came in 4th in a western half-Arabian class. And last but not least her stallion, Nations Psyche, (that totally LOVES his massages) came in third in his class. She is headed down to Louisville, KY this coming weekend for the awards ceremony. That is really big news for this little part of NH!! I just had to let you know that you are continuing to massage all the horses in the world - a little at a time...thanks for sharing your knowledge! K.S., New Hampshire

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Proof Massage Works
Hey there- Got some big validation tonight while at the track. Last week, the trainer of two horses I worked on blew me off twice. The last time that I worked on his horses pre-race, they ran second and a 3 way photo finish, respectively. There's a fellow at the track that does magnets and electricity and herbals--charges much more than I do.(so he must be better?) This trainer chucked me and went with the witch doctor. Tonight, one ran 6th, and and the other ran 8th. Validation.

B.B., WV

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Success Right Away
I suppose most of you went and massaged a horse this weekend when you got home... I did! Mine and not only did he stand still for the whole thing... on cross ties... he cantered like I haven't seen in a long time... He didn't pin his ears or buck. It was great!

Anyway, my friend has a petite pinscher (looks like a chihuaha) and I let it out in the morning when I woke up. He went out, turned around, came back to me and just went stiff, fell over like a statue and his eyes rolled back in his head!!! I got so scared I thought he was having a heart attack. He went limp and I picked him up and started massaging him with moderate compression. He started coming around very quickly.... about a minute later, he was completely fine. It turns out he had a seizure but it usually takes him a day to snap out of it but was fine within minutes. His owner honestly believes the massage gave him the quick recovery.... amazing stuff!

D.I., NY

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Canine Program Kudos
Hi, Thank you so much!! I also want to say that your dog program is great, I have learned a lot from it and I think my dogs are 100% healthier since I started massaging them on a routine basis. I do competitive agility and I have always stretched and done a little massage but after learning what I really need to do and how to apply it other people are asking me to massage their dogs because mine are hardly ever sore. So me and my dogs thank you!

A.K., OH

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A New Lease on Life
Just had to tell you about my horse who was helped by one of your graduates.

In December of 2002, I rescued a 34 year old horse who had been left to starve to death. She suffered from severe malnutrition and crippling arthritis... she could barely walk, and often stumbled and fell those first few weeks. But over the course of the next year, she really blossomed.... gained over 250 lbs, and with the help of every joint/ arthritis supplement known to mankind, her old joints really healed. She could walk smoothly, get down and roll, even trotted around a bit with her new best friend, our donkey.

But this past winter was hard on her arthritis and depsite my best efforts to make sure she was getting everything I could think of to help her joints, she became fairly stiff again. So when the opportunity was presented to offer her a theraputic massage, I jumped on it... not knowing if it would help at all, but figuring it couldn't hurt! But her reaction to the massage went beyond any expectations....

At first she didn't react much.... walked away calmly, and went back to grazing. But about an hour later, I glanced out in the pasture and stared in shock: my 35 year old horse was TROTTING around after the goats, nipping at them, tossing her head, flicking her tail!!!! Her eyes were bright, her ears were pricked, and she carried on like a youngster!!! When I went to feed her, she trotted behind me, then once in the pen where we feed her, she proceeded to trot in circles around the pen!! I could barely stop bawling long enough to call my husband out, and then ran to the phone to let Jay know the results of his work. To see Pearl so bright, so chipper, feeling so good.... no-one could have given me a better gift. The next day Pearl was pretty sore... something we attributed to all her carying on the night before! But over the course of the next week, there was still a dramatic change in her... she was nowhere near as stiff, and was much more confident as she walked around the pasture... I saw no stumbling. She seemed more upbeat, and overall more alert. Not bad.... not bad at all for a 35 year old horse just a year and a few months over her terrible ordeal!!


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My New Career
Dear Mary and All at Equissage,

I just wanted to write and let you know how my new business is going! After I got back from the training (Aug 4-8) I got laid off from my hated corporate job. I decided that this was my opportunity to start my horse massage business. After asking around, I found out that a friend of mine had a client who is an exercise rider at the nearby racetrack. My friend introduced me to someone who has turned out to be a guardian angel. This person also owns two racehorses, and I did them as free demos in order to use Sue as a reference. It turns out that Sue is thrilled with the results of the massages and she's been recommending me to others she knows at the track. Yesterday, I had my first paying client. The horse was a handful, which I expected actually. I figured, as the new person on the backside, I would get the tough cases. Actually, the filly is a beautiful girl but very sensitive. But she released a lot and really relaxed. Both the trainer and the assistant trainer were impressed and they have asked me back for tomorrow! According to them, if the filly didn't like the massage, she wouldn't have allowed me to stay in her stall very long. They had previously had acupuncture done on her, but they didn't have good results because she wouldn't relax and the vet couldn't get a good reading on her. The trainer held her for me for the first part of the massage because he thought she would give me a hard time. Although I prefer to be alone in the stall, it was probably good that he was there. She fought the evaluation but then instantly started chewing and yawning during the altas move and especially on the "online" compressions. I showed the trainer how to do the compressions for her since she liked them so much. She fought me again when I started on her back, and then settled in and was fine for the rest of the massage. It was really a treat to see her respond to the treatment, especially after all the grooms in the barn came by to tell me how "mean" she normally is. Incidentally, I think the fact that they are scared of her and aggressive towards her is part of her problem - a vicious cycle. I tried to stay safe, quiet and focused when I worked on her, and I think that helped. I just wanted to thank you all so much for this gift and for my new life. I feel so blessed to be able to go into a horse's stall and watch the transformation in his body and mind as I work on him. I've always wanted to make a difference in this world, and I really feel like that is what I'm doing when I work on a horse and see his eye soften and his body relax. I am grateful to you all at Equissage for changing my life in such a positive way. Thank you again, L.L., PA

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The Benefits Never Cease
Our sheltie is 7 1/2 years old. Last year she developed a limp for no known reason. 4 trips to the vet, 2 sets of x-rays, and many "home remedies" later she was still limping. No one could tell us why though, and our poor baby girl was in pain for almost a year now! Finally, after much internet research, I contacted Equissage to enroll in their canine massage therapy certification program. At the very least I figured I would be able to relieve some of her pain. I've studied quite a bit in my life, but I've never studied this hard. I wanted to get it right from the start. The first day I started doing the massage sequence on Danyl she loved it. She let me know when something needed treated, and she relaxed when I treated it. She got up from her massage and walked away from me without a limp! She hasn't limped since that day. Imagine our relief after a year of worry. To see her back to normal is such a beautiful thing, and to know that I was the one who helped her brings happy tears to my eyes. I hope everyone can experience this program as I have. Since learning the massage techniques from Equissage I've also treated a friends cat and dog with great success as well. The benefits of this program never cease.


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Great Results!
I would like to thank you again for a wonderful experience. My TB/Han, Double Kahlua is not only doing so much better in dressage but the stable help is seeing a difference in his attitude. After Tuesday's class I went to the barn to ride and just visualizing the relaxation and stretching I saw an immediate difference,it was amazing. After his first full body massage, he was bending to the right, another problem he has had since he has been in training. I signed up for the first available dressage clinic with Sherry, I have to show off! hehehehe!! Massage I believe will take us to the top. My close friend has been having her 5 year old hanoverian's hocks injected for the past year, I have successfully persuaded her to stop the treatments and give massage a try. Today will be Storm's first massage and I have no doubt she will see a difference and will hopefully never turn back to hock injections. I gave her some of the articles in Equus, Horse Illustrated. I am worried Storm has been compensating for so long it might take time. I told her to ask her vet and get his opinion if she is uncomfortable to stop the treatment.

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Canine Course Information
Thank you so much for the wonderful packet of material. I surely won't be one of the people who breezes through this course. There is a lot to grasp especially if you have never been exposed to this kind of thing before. Even though I plan to use this as a hobby I am entering it wholeheartedly. It may take me awhile but one small step at a time and I will get it. I watched the video right away and am quite blessed because I have the perfect year old golden to practice on. He is the most mellow calm sweet dog that I have ever met. He just follows us around and sleeps at our feet. Of course my husband takes him for a several mile walk everyday. Having "Miles" in our life is quite different than all the terriers we own and have owned. Just wanted to let you know I got everything and the first thing I did was curl up and read Bailey Bymyside. :) Thanks!


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Massage worked before medicine
Hi Mary,

Had to write and let you know about an incredible massage story.

Yesterday morning, I got a call from a lady not too far from where I live. She has a mare that had been trotting along, and stepped in about a foot deep hole in the ground. The next morning, the horse was laying down and was cast in her stall. By this time, the horse's muscles were shaking. The vet came out and got the horse up and gave her bute. The vet said that the shaking was from severely straining her back muscles when stepping in the hole. The owner asked the vet if massage would help, and the vet told her to wait a couple days and see how the bute helps her. Well, the next day, the horse was still the same and kept losing her balance and falling down.

Knowing that the horse wasn't in shock (since the vet didn't think so), I agreed to massage this little mare. This mare's back was so tight that you could actually see how tight the muscle in her back was. I massaged her right side and then moved on to her left side. About halfway through her left side, we noticed that she was no longer shaking on her right side and was standing a lot better. When I left, the horse was still a little shaky, but there was a noticeable difference even in her attitude. I felt great being able to help a horse and to immediately see the results. Not to mention how great it felt to know that the massage worked, even when the vet couldn't help as quickly.

Her owner has even set up another appointment for her in a couple of days! I am looking forward to her next massage to see how she is doing then and how she will do afterwards!

Thanks for teaching us how to help the animals we love!


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Massage Brings Out the Best
Yesterday I was asked to massage a pregnant mare. They said she was not a personable horse, hated to be brushed, and was more witchy since she'd been bred. This is their "prize" bucksin pleasure champion. She is a pleasure to ride, but not to work with. However, about three minutes into the massage, she was licking and chewing, her head was just hanging there and her ears were forward.

The owner came into the barn halfway through the massage and Kiddo nickered to her. She said she never does that! Afterwards, during the walkout, she was very happy. The owner said "you're a miracle worker!" That was great to hear. It really gave me confidence and I was so pleased that I could make that horse feel so good!

A.B., ME

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Massage Helped Relieve Colic
Hi Mary!

I took and passed your program back in June. I would just like to thank you again for the wonderful instruction. About a week after coming back from the class, I broke one of my fingers while lunging a horse, and was unable to massage any horses for about a month! I am now better and able to massage and I still remember the whole sequence! Thanks for your wonderful instruction!

Also, I was at the barn and one of the horses started to colic, and I remembered the colic sequence that you had told us, so I went ahead and did it on the horse. Within 10 minutes, the horse pooped, was still a little colicky, but seemed in a better mood until we could get the vet there. The horse was up and back at work the very next day! Thanks again for all your help!

S.F., OH

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Your Course Made Such a Difference
Since I have returned from your program I have had a wonderful experience with reconnecting with the horses in my barn. Your course was exactly what I was looking for personally and spiritually. It has been amazing to me the number of people that I have talked to about massage. Vets, horse people, friends and loved ones are all very interested in what I am doing.

Upon returning from your class my life has turned around and I haven't even seen but the tip of the iceberg. It was like everything fell in place at once, my motivation was back, my confidence was high again, I was back enjoying my life. It is amazing to me that people and influences that enter my life for small periods of time impact me so greatly. That person of course was you this time, you gave me this skill and reunited me with my passion that brightened everything up. I am grateful and I will practice this skill you have taught me to the absolute best of my ability. I am happy and very proud to have been introduced to your therapy.

R.P., Ohio

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A Very Grateful Owner
In June of this year, my 11 year old retriever-mix dog, Kip, had surgery to repair torn ligaments in her right knee. Given that she was already severely arthritic, we were given a guarded prognosis for her to heal well. We were warned that there was the strong possibility that the extra weight/pressure placed on her left leg during the healing of the right leg could lead to its damage also. We were told that the healing process would take 3-6 months, possibly longer. We were deeply saddened by the prospect that this injury may be signaling the "beginning of the end" for this sweet animal. She was in terrible pain. I have arthritis and have experienced the benefits of a good massage and I was hopeful that the same would be true for Kip.

An Equissage-certified canine massage therapist came to the house when Kip was just 5 weeks post-op. The first massage lasted only twenty minutes as that was all Kip could tolerate. The therapist was very sensitive and gentle. Kip had massages from her at weeks six and seven post-op. Following the massage at week seven, I could not keep this silly old dog from chasing squirrels in the backyard! Her progress was phenomenal! We continue the massages every 3-4 weeks. Kip will always have arthritis and, thanks to the therapist's excellent work and care, will always be chasing squirrels.

I recommend your student's skills to anyone for the ongoing health and happiness of the animals they love.


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Saw the Magic for Myself
Please send me a brochure on your equine message certification program. I am interested in attending and would like to know costs, housing and other specifics. A friend of mine just finished your course and as I watched her work on a horse I couldn't believe how wonderfully he responded. Thank you.


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Quick Results
Hi Mary, A client wrote a little reference note for me today, and I thought you might like to hear what she has to say:

"Janis does an excellent job with equine massage. I'm impressed with her technique and ability to stay grounded when doing her massage work. At Dreamcatchers Therapeutic Riding Center we have a mare that is very nervous, and Janis has helped relax her and relieve pain for her. Janis has done a very nice job with the mare."

P. Fear-Green CHA Clinic Instructor Centered Riding Level II Instructor

Imagine that...and I only graduated about a month ago! I certainly owe it all to my instructor at Equissage! Pam also said that Shea's movement flows smoothly now when the instructors ride her and that she finally looks like a balanced horse.


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What A Blessing (Canine Massage)
Hi Mary!

My heart is so full tonight. I did a massage on PeeWee, a little beagle mix. PeeWee was a stray who lived at the animal shelter for several years. Somehow he evaded the executioner even though he apparently bit everyone who worked at the shelter. He got adopted by Verna and lives at Mommy Acres with 19 other rescues(dogs and cats) some chickens and attack geese. PeeWee had surgery 3 weeks ago for an intestinal block and lost use of his hind legs. Reason unknown, maybe stroke or nerve damage. His hind legs were crossing and he had to hop and drag them. Tonight was his 3rd massage this week. He met me at the door. WALKING- not dragging or hopping. Verna said that he has been going out the dog door on his own and yesterday he started to bark again. He hasn't done that since before the surgery. You know, they were discussing amputating the leg that was crossing or even euthanasia. It almost doesn't seem possible that I'm being blessed this way, to feel this useful and to help these creatures! And to be touched so deeply by them. I'm typing this with tears in my eyes.

What a night! I should have played the lottery! Talk with you soon.....and thanks again for sharing your gifts!


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True Benefits of Massage
Mary and Dee,

Wow! What a whirlwind of activity these past few weeks! My world is opening and expanding and I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE you guys and the EQUISSAGE program...it is amazing that I remember SOOOO MUCH and currently I'm taking an A&P course for human massage work and because of how well you teach anatomy and muscles I am finding this to be a piece of cake...okay, not quite a piece of cake but pretty darn easy for an old fart:)

Have been talking and educating people about massage and telling those who are looking for a program about EQUISSAGE. People are impressed, apparently with my dedication and how their horses are after I work on them.

In Arizona and California things are "fads" and now the "fad" is chiropractic, lasers, magnets and "tens" machines...many "massage therapists" are doing these things and the horses are paying the price...so far I've worked on 3 that were messed up by these "professionals".

I hear comments of..."if you are a massage therapist, then you can "adjust" my horse too". I must get a pained look in my face because they usually say "oh, well the other therapist do"...guess that's why they aren't having the other therapists back...dah.

It distresses me that there are seemingly alot of people who claim to be healers that are hurting the animals and charging alot of money. I try to stay focused on what I learned with you and my convictions in my heart and then I try to teach people to understand the reason and meaning behind massage...

One lovely story was today...a ranch who trains and sells cutting horses (don't show) asked me to come to visit with them, they asked me to work on a "problem" mare. I worked on her, she had some minor issues, but was toxic to her core. Hand walked her afterwards, she came back into her stall and fell into this deep standing sleep with the lip hanging down and drooling. The trainers were shocked, they said she NEVER relaxes in her stall...10 minutes later she's laying down sleeping...they saw this and said that I am the FIRST person who has touched this mare and got her to LAY DOWN and SLEEP.

Sadly they have a "holistic" vet who is treating her with bovine hormones, herbs and talked them into putting shoes with MAGNETS on her...but I held my tongue...tough as it was. My job was done and they were impressed. When the main trainer got talking to me later he mentioned all they give this horse and he said, "you know, you are the first person that got immediate result...I may pull her shoes and throw the other crap out".

That is about it, oh I forgot, a local (PHOENIX)AM radio station has asked me to be on two talk programs to talk about equine massage!!!!!! We met yesterday and they were so impressed, they are going to see if they can get me on monthly to talk about nothing but equine massage and everything involved with it!!!! Mary, if it works out you HAVE to join us one weekend!!!

So that is it, I love this, I love my life, thank you for all you have done and the fact that I know you are both behind me even now as I branch out and grow. You are both a blessing.

Be well.


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Horses That Have Made A Comeback
"Rock's Revival"

Rocky is a beautiful 28 year-old Thoroughbred gelding who has been worked and shown as a jumper his entire life. He had the last 3-4 years off from showing, developing some stiffness in his entire left side. In the fall of 1997, his owner had acupuncture done on Rocky, which seemed to make him more comfortable; however, the left-sided stiffness was still present. Sadly, his owner described him as "hollowing out" to the left and that he was constantly turning his head. Obviously, I was not yet a believer in my own "gift" of Equine Sports Massage Therapy.

The first time I saw him, I could tell that conformationally he was still perfect, at 28 years of age. As I began to massage him, Rocky was not quite sure what was happening to him. The sensations, the touch, the rhythm; soon he was "there". He was in what I tenderly call, "the head down, eyes nearly closed, loose-lipped state of relaxation ecstasy." Rocky let me into explore those tired old muscles, releasing his tension and I could not have been more proud.

I came back in two weeks to massage Rocky and again several weeks later. His owner had not been in the saddle for six months, but when she and Rocky set out for their first post-massage ride, she was astounded! Rocky's left side was no longer stiff and his right canter lead was back - smooth and easy.

I'll never forget the smile on his owner's face, the many "thank-yous" of how I "saved" Rocky. Yet the biggest thank you is Rocky himself, from his cautious eye turning back to watch me at that first massage so long ago to hearing his name, "Rock's Revival" over the loud speaker at the horse shows, as he places and takes a ribbon again.

S.P., E.S.M.T

Dear Mary,

I was called to massage a quarter horse to help prepare him for a 2-day event. When I arrived to give him his first massage, I asked what his history was. This is what I was told: At 5 years of age, he was in a barn fire and was burned pretty badly on his withers, back and rump. Then at 11 years old, he was loaned out for a 3-day trail ride with the assumption that the rider would use a saddle that fit. Unfortunately, that was not the case - when the horse's hair grew back in after being shaved, it was white. I was then told that in the previous year, he was contested in one event, but he couldn't make it for the next day's event. Now at the age of 14, he was showing signs of arthritis in his shoulders and point of hip. My client's vet told them that the horse could be contested if he received 2-3 grams of bute each day and thought that massage would help as well.

The horse had some scar tissue from the burns he received, which could not be seen but was tender to the touch. During his first massage, the horse did not like having percussion done on the areas where he was burned and allowed limited friction. When I massaged him again two days later, I could only do light percussion on the back, but was okay elsewhere. Then two days after that, I massaged him again. This time I was able to use all the strokes at all pressure levels. He was acting much better and did not need to receive the bute.

After the 2-day event was over, he received 2nd, 7th, and 8th places out of 37. This is a wonderful testimony for the amazing benefits of sports massage therapy. Thanks again, Mary for your training and encouragement!


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Vets Speak Out
Dear Mary,

I have enjoyed the newsletters throughout the year and keep meaning to jot down an article for submission, never seem to find the time. I was a student a class, specifically one taught by your assistant Carol of Equi-Knead.

Since my certification, I have changed from a career in the pharmaceutical industry to a full-time massage therapist with a busy Seattle practice. I work with a group of nearly 20 veterinarians, as well as equine chiropractors and acupuncturists here, and can barely find time to tend to my own horses. The therapy has opened so many doors for me, and my life is filled with the loving energy these animals send my way each time I offer them a tactile road to better wellness. (Never mind that I have nearly doubled my former income).

Thank you again for the service you provide. There are a good number of therapists in the Northwest who have come through your program, and I am proud to be one of the busiest. This month I have been asked to speak at a veterinarian conference in the area by one of my referring doctors. I will be speaking before a group of 50 professionals, and it is very encouraging to see the growing acceptance of our modality as an adjunctive tool in veterinarian treatment. I hope to find the time to jot down some of my more interesting cases for your review.


Dear Mary,

What would this letter be without a massage story? I went to visit my NJBHA friends at their farm in Milford, NJ. I hadn't been to the farm in a long time and, with our renewed friendship through massage, I paid a social call. From one of the stalls I heard, "Great, you're just the person we need". Five people were surrounding a yearling that was too rigid to take a step. I was directed by my friend to tell the vet my title. The words "equine massage therapist" brought visible relief to an exhausted veterinarian. Her response was "Good, he's all yours. I don't know what's wrong with him, but I know it is muscular."

I was given a brief history and a list of "could be's" - Lyme disease and tying-up were included. Blood had already been drawn and muscle relaxants were prescribed. The vet decided to hold the blood work and muscle relaxants "until we see how he is after the massage." And, she added, "If this works, I'm going to your school!" So much was riding on this moment. With all eyes on my hands, I approached the yearling, a Devon star. I performed an evaluation and although, quite stoic, my patient revealed his tense topline to all. The vet was convinced this problem was no longer hers and seemed happy to pass the baton and leave. The colt's trainer was pleased to have her own diagnosis confirmed and left me to my work and my friend was beaming with happiness.

The colt bit into the massage hook, line and sinker. When it was time for his post-massage walk, he looked carefully at the ground. The first step was tenuous, the second better, the next - no problem. As he walked off, I heard from the owner, "he's better already." Due to the concern for tying up, I massaged him three days in a row. By the second day, he was jogging his handler around the lake on the farm. And by the third day, he was jogging me down the aisle!. The senior vet of the practice agreed that the massage did him a world of good. He later added medications but, as a registered nurse myself, I am familiar with the clinician psyche. I was nonetheless happy for a compromise.

The colt's problem began with a stall rest for a stifle injury. Despite sedation, his first turnout resulted in the problem above. Getting people to think of massage for prevention of injuries is important to me. Thank you for what you have taught me!!p

New Jersey

Dear Mary,

I can't believe that more than a year has passed since I was at Equissage! But let me tell you how you have changed my life.

When I returned to Brazil in January, I started working hard on my pamphlet, business cards, etc. I knew I had to look professional to be given a chance on something so new (Equine Massage) in this country. Then, I "hit the road" traveling three times a week to the "hipicas" (stables) and talking with the veterinarians. This seemed to go on forever. They were receptive and positive, but there was no big break until March.

I was visiting one of the big stables during an inter-club show, ...talking to the Vets again, who now knew me by name. On the way back to my car, a vet came running up, calling my name and asking if I could come back with him. There was a horse that maybe I could help!

The horse had completely locked up...from withers to the hocks. I began massaging, with the vet, the owner and five others looking on. I could not have asked for a better client...or a better audience. The horse began to stretch and groan. His muscles went into visible spasms, and then loosened. He cracked his neck, then his back, and walked out of his stall with what actually appeared to be a smile on his face.

To make a long story short: That day I walked out of the stable with three new clients, and a week later, I received a call from the very top Vet in San Paulo. He had a client- horse with a host of problems that he believed I might be able to help. I did!!

I now enjoy a great relationship with this top vet, who now refers as many as five horses a week to me.

...now I am "hot on the tracks" of the politically correct people to help me travel with the Brazilian Olympic Jumping and/or eventing teams.

C. B. S.
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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At the Races
Dear Mary,

First, you must know about Ambro Cinnabarr...She was written up in the Ohio Standardbred Article you read, shortly after she began Sports Massage Therapy with me. She is now the fastest 2 year old pacing filly on a 5/8 mile track in the nation!! She set a record of 1:56.4 last week at Scioto Downs, as she captured the Tompkins-Geer Grand Circuit Stake. What excitement! Even her primary veterinarian, after her second start and second win, shook my hand and congratulated me for "doing it."

Another favorite, named Rut Ro set a new lifetime mark after one, I repeat...one massage...just prior to hooking up to race and warm up. It was her second win ever and her time dropped by 4/5 of a second. She was so much different after the race, that it was almost scary to do the post event evaluation and feel the change.

J. T.
Dublin, Ohio

Dear Mary,

A groom at the racetrack where I work asked if I would take a look at her horse. The horse was a five year old grandson of Secretariat. She indicated that the horse is walking "like an old man...he can barely move! His gaits are short and choppy, and he lifts his legs real high, rather than extending them...and he never changes his leads."

I massaged the horse that same day (Wednesday), and when the groom walked him around the shedrow following the massage, she said: "I can't believe this! He's actually jogging.....he never does that! And look at his legs- he's extending them for the first time!" I massaged the horse again on Friday, the day of his race. This time when the groom walked him, he immediately broke into a jog, and literally dragged the groom around the shedrow.

When he raced that night, he was dead last, 12 lengths behind the leader...halfway down the stretch. The groom told me that she and her dad (the trainer) could not believe what happened at this point. She said it was if Tony turned on his after-burners. She said, "He was smoking!" He not only won the race, but he had the fastest time of the night, and it was the fastest time that Tony had ever had, as well. The groom added that it was the first time that he had ever run with his head down. Even the trainer from the next barn came over shook my hand and said, "Congratulations, you did a great job on Tony! I've never seen him run like that! He burned up the track!"

With Much Thanks,
C. E. M.
Lewistown, PA

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Dogs Need Massage Too
Dear Mary,

I found the following events interesting, and thought you might want to know of them. Last evening after class, I began to study for the next day's Equissage class. While practicing the "Hat-J" technique on my roommate, a Boston Terrier, I noticed that he had a bunch of knots up under his atlas. I proceeded to treat a couple of them on each side. (Not long ago, I learned that Boston Terriers have a tendency towards ear problems, and in fact nearly 70% of them are born deaf.)

Significantly, this morning his ears were draining, and since he had always had a proclivity towards ear infections, THIS was a good sign.

As I left for class, my "pooch" was "singing" with Barbara and the piano ON KEY ...at the top of his canine voice, and with his nose in the air!

Thanks, Mary (and to think it's only Wednesday. What should I be able to do by Friday?)

Regards, D.Z., E.S.M.T Richmond, VA

Dear Mary,

I did a massage on a dog by the name of Tuffy, who is partly paralyzed due to a stroke that she suffered. I had to write and tell you about the difference that two massages made for her! When I arrived to give her a second massage, I noticed right away how bright and big her green eyes were and what a difference it was from the day before. I couldn't get over the difference in her entire presence.

When I did the chin lift part of the massage, she stretched out with a big sigh. The right side-the side with paralysis-has improved so much. As I worked her point of hip, she stretched out her little hind leg and held it for several seconds- the side with paralysis!

She still is carrying her head to the left a bit, but I'm hopeful. We have a standing appointment each week.

Lori, Tuffy's owner, told me that on the first Sunday after the stroke and before her first massage, her little boy stood in church and asked the congregation to pray for Tuffy. This week she told me that it has become a prayer of thanksgiving.

The thanks they heap on me, I send right along to you. Take care.... B.

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Equissage Really Works!
Dear friends,

Thanks again for the wonderful week that I spent with you.

The massages are going very well. I am now doing 3 massages per week. I do not worry anymore about the sequence at all. It has become something that just comes out of my hands.

The horses benefit from the massage very well. So far they all have won, even the one with the very sore gluteus muscle. This horse gave me a very hard time massaging him, because he would stand in a very awkward position when I treated his gluteus muscles. However, I managed, and yesterday he won. He was faster than ever...

I do make money with the massages. That is something I already arranged before I would go to the Equissage program. However, at the moment I am very happy with my job as a secretary. Also I have a 4 days working week, so I have the Friday to massage horses. I do not have to explain to you, that I feel very gifted when I can feel and see, that a horse really wants you to help him.

You have a very special program. It is not only about learning about muscles. I also learned a lot about me.

Thank you so much.


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What A Comeback (Dog Massage)

I am a graduate of the Equissage Equine Cert. Program, March 7, 2000. I just want to say thank you again for sharing your knowledge Mary, it has been a life changing experience. I can't say that I have any "big name " trainers I work for, that have world class horses, but I can tell you that each and everyone of the horses and dogs that I have had the pleasure of helping over the past year and a half can speak for themselves. Their owners of course can speak for the soundness :+).

In June, a friend of mine who also breeds Yorkshire Terriers approached me about a dog she had sold as a 6 month old puppy (he was very tiny), and was returned to her at a year and a half old. The owners couldn't stand the fact that he (the dog) had developed this habit of self-mutilation, also he was always greasy and stinky and was wound up like a top. My friend asked me what I could recommend, I told her to send him to me, just to call me when she had put him on the plane. Two and a half months had passed and I still hadn't heard from her, so I contacted her. She was about to euthanize him, I told her I would be in her area the next day and that I would come and get him. He was quite a sight, she had put thousands of dollars into the healing of this dog, traditional, alternative and holistic veterinary care & methods, and he still was self-mutilating and stinky/greasy. The vet finally got someone in to do muscle testing on the dog, they determined 2 things, he was allergic to bone meal and this problem was emotionally based. Gee, do you think? The vet officially gave up on him. So I brought him home to save him from this ridiculous fate of euthanization. I allowed him a week of getting to know the house and his new six Yorkie buddies. After that week I massaged him. The pain threshold of this four and a quarter pound dog is amazing, I used the opening pressure for a horse. His body reflected many tears and scar tissue, (I have had a vet helping me detect these things accurately in the past) I can't begin to think what this tiny little guy has been through, anyway.........He has been with us since the 18th of August and since his initial massage he has chewed himself 2 to 3 times and only a tiny patch, never the same spot. He never played with toys, now he is the toy playing king! The other Yorkie people in our area who are familiar with "Joey" cannot believe the difference. He gets greasy now about 2 weeks after his bath, so he is bathed every 2 weeks, and he is no longer stinky. I will be seeing the woman whom I took Joey over from, this weekend. I am sure there will be many tears of joy as his coat is growing, he is happy and he is truly a changed little guy. Joey is an Equissage poster boy for sure, to us :+) He is no longer a rescue either, he is home, and will not be leaving us under any circumstances. I have many equine clients, but recently the canine contingent has increased tenfold. I had the pleasure of doing a Toy Manchester and a Cavalier for some breeder- judge friends of mine and now the word is spreading like wildfire, Thanks to their appreciation. I had considered taking your canine correspondence course when it came out last fall, but now I feel it is an absolute necessity as dog anatomy varies from the Equine anatomy and I have run into a few situations where I am not as certain as I wish to be. The recent success rate has been amazing, cruciate ligament tears, so called "pinched nerves" etc the results have spoken for themselves, dogs that were retired from competition are now back at work, thanks to your program Mary.

Same goes for countless numbers of horses. So at this time I am asking for you to send me the details of cost, etc as I am eager to get started. I have also been certified Reiki Level 3. Which is the Master level without the Master title, as I have no interest in teaching at this time. So combining the Equissage and Reiki, is proving to be a tremendous success. I can work all day now and never tire, its amazing. I will always remember when we were in class, you said to us, "Intention is sooo important" and you looked right at me. I thought, " ya, I have intention" but a person doesn't really understand (I didn't anyway) what that commitment to intention means, at that point. I get it now Mary and I haven't looked back. Thank you again.

I know others have gone on to courses other than Equissage, accupressure, some of the Equinology courses etc, the 2 year Equine course offered here in Canada and so on. I have walked in where these people have failed to get results, and had very happy clients afterward. In fact, the majority of my client base are those who used other practitioners, and were unhappy with their methods. Mary, because of your wish to massage every horse in the world at least once, (your wish has stuck with me) and the intention behind that wish, it is coming true. Its not about the career status or the dollar amount, if your intention is there, the money automatically comes, it is about the horses, the dogs and any other creature that needs help. So through this, and its been almost two years, I too, am now fueled and run on my intentions and humility. Thanks, Mary.

K.S., British Columbia

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